What is the Difference Between an Executive Assistant and a Secretary?

This article explains the difference between an executive assistant and a secretary. It discusses the responsibilities of each role, as well as training options for executive secretaries.

What is the Difference Between an Executive Assistant and a Secretary?

The executive secretary is a kind of middleman between the boss and the executive assistant, but with much less power. The executive assistant deals with matters related to the boss, both work and personal. In the business world of today, secretaries have been replaced by executive assistants, who are typically reserved for top management. Technologies such as email, voicemail, mobile devices and online calendars have allowed managers to become more self-sufficient, while companies have faced pressure to reduce costs and headcount.

As a result, the number of attendants at the lowest corporate levels has decreased in most companies. Executive secretaries and executive assistants are often responsible for more complex tasks than those of a regular secretary or assistant. They usually work for high-level executives and may supervise other members of the management staff. Executive assistants possess certain competencies that are not found at other levels of the management profession. They are often required to learn new languages and technologies to improve their performance in global corporations.

An executive assistant is able to anticipate and manipulate results to improve them, as well as dedicating their career to helping a corporate official by providing a combination of professional advice and administrative support. If you're interested in this field, there are many community colleges that offer executive secretarial academic programs and administrative assistance. It is important for executives to think deeply about the parts of their workload that they can take on or be restructured so that the assistant partially assumes them. This can help increase productivity by providing more managers with this type of help, and executives who are fortunate enough to have a qualified assistant can benefit from finding ways to delegate higher-level work to them.

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